May 18, 2024


Crochet this beautiful baby dress for any special child in your life. This baby dress is so easy and fun to crochet, even if you are a beginner level!


To begin, grab a yarn color of your choice such as the bright hot pink color as seen in the video. This dress does not have any buttons, just a 30cm long butterfly tie with two balls or pom poms, at the neck area. The texture is beautiful because it is puffed and 3D. A hook size 2 and about 300-350g of yarn are needed for this crochet dress. These materials will help you put together this puffed pattern and the gorgeous lacey wreath neck area.

Watch this free video tutorial in translated English subtitles to learn how to make this easy crochet baby dress for beginner level.

The reason why this is the perfect dress for your daughters, granddaughters, and nieces is because it is an unusual and unique pattern, referred to as the “Raspberry stitch” because of the reddish colors and plump pattern. This particular pattern is warm and cozy and will keep a child warm, but it is also nice and airy because the puff texture has holes.

Uses of this easy Crochet Baby Dress

But this dress is also nice and warm in the winter and spring months because of the warm yarn material it is made of. This dress can be styled in many ways for any occasion. It works well for a stroll to the park or for dressing the precious flower baby. You can even stitch the entire dress one color only and adorn it with flowers or bows.

This dress is a one size fits all. Whatever your style and pattern is, whoever is receiving this special handcrafted crochet dress will love it for sure and will look stunning in it!

Tutorial and photos of this baby dress by: мир вязания с Кариной. The other parts of the tutorial: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7.

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