July 16, 2024

Crochet Bee Doll Amigurumi Free Patterns | Video tutorial

Time to cheer up with these Crochet Bee Doll Amigurumi Free Patterns! As we are buzzing right into Spring with these sweet bumblebees for kids and home to light up in the doomed socialization! Whether you are new to amigurumi or have grown a passion for making stuffed animals, this pattern is for you. 

This happy little fella could be the amigurumi ray of sunshine you have been looking for! Minimal sewing is involved and they can be worked up in an afternoon!

I think these little bees look perfect paired with a bee pun Valentine’s Day card, so I’ve gone ahead and made up three different cards that you can download and print out below. Using yarn, tie your bee to the front of the card and give your Valentine something extra special this year! 

The pattern is only for the doll. Tutorial for glass frames and antennae not included. Sorry, I totally suck at working with wires; you’re on your own there!  But I’m sure many of you crafty readers will be able to figure out how to shape them by looking at the photographs. I used small lengths of copper wire to make these shapes and while the glass frame was left as it is, the wire ‘feelers’ were covered by tightly winding yellow yarn over them.

While I certainly keep my distance from the real ones, I have to say they are quite interesting to watch!

Amigurumi Bee by Grace and Yarn

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