July 16, 2024


Make a pair of these cute and trendy crochet baby shoes to welcome a new little one into the world. You just need to follow the next steps to finish these shoes.


These crochet baby shoes were made by crocheting a rectangle piece then fold in half and sew the sides and the bottom together.

Keep reading for the easy pattern and video tutorial of these crochet baby shoes.


To create this pattern, you will need a crochet hook of 2.5 mm, and Dk weight yarn.

Pattern of the Crochet Baby Shoes

– Slip knot, start with double of the foot measurement, so here we will have 10cm foot length, so we will start with ch50 (20 cm).

– Hdc in the second ch from hook, hdc in the next chain, hdc across the chains, ch2, turn.

– Hdc across the row, ch2, turn.

– Repeat previous row until reach 5.5 cm height, ch1, turn.

– Divide the piece for 3 parts, put stitch marker after 10 st, skip 30st, and put another stitch marker.

– Sl st across until reach the first marker place, ch4, skip next st, dc in the next st, *ch1, skip next st, dc in the next st*, repeat * across until reach the second marker place, ch1, turn.

– Sc in the first ch-1 space, sc in the next dc, *sc in the next ch-1 space, sc in the next dc*, repeat * across the row, ch1, turn.

– Sc across the row, fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

– Fold the piece in half, sew across the side of the previous 3 rows, and across the unworked stitch and across the bottom of the shoe, fasten off, weave in all ends.

– Repeat for the second crochet baby shoes.

Tutorial and photos of this crochet baby shoes by: Croche Bello Estilo Profa Mari.

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